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Marble Surface

Admire your extreme dedication, superb punctuality and terrific commitment in conducting the classes. I’ve practiced yoga with many teachers and you are truly one of the best


Really It was a wonderful experience with you for the last 2 months. Enjoyed so much with every session and used to look forward for the next. I really appreciate your passion for yoga,
dedication, punctuality, & confidence. Felt so much energy and freshness after each session.


Even though the sessions were online, there was constant monitoring and corrections suggested. You motivate everyone to do their best.

Anusha B

It's been a kind of rediscovery of my own inner strengths and lacunae..thanks for being there to guide us on our journey to understand the techniques to shed the weaker points


Marble Surface

This past month and half of Yoga with you has brought a sense of responsibility towards the body and it has created a determination to pursue it. Your direction and patient instructions
led us to understand and become aware of our body.


I have been attending yoga classes at the temple for one year but your classes gave a better perspective and taught the basics of each stretches we were doing


I can feel the tremendous transformation in myself from the day we started. Feeling more energetic, flexible, relaxed & confident.


Intensive yoga followed by relaxation centred around a beautiful thought and imagery made it a very meditative experience for the body, mind and soul


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