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Click on any day below to see the details. In order to book a session, you can pay as you go by clicking Select button below and completing the booking process by clicking the Shopping cart next to the Login Button just above View Details. You will receive the Zoom code by email once booking is confirmed. This part of completing a booking process is same for Class Passes as well.

Alternatively, you are also encouraged to avail a 10% discount by booking 10 sessions in one go using the Class Passes link below. You will then need to select at least 2 sessions. You can always come back and rebook any remaining sessions by clicking on your booking detail sent to your email. The Class Pass is valid for 60 days from the date of purchasing the pass. 

It is suggested for your own ease of booking maintenance that you book one ticket/class pass per attendee.

As of now, once you book sessions, your booking details are not maintained in They will be accessible for any editing or modification only via your confirmation email sent from our booking partner portal. Please use the View Booking option available in your confirmation email only, for any such modifications.  

For new joinees who want a taster session, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us link in the Home section. We will send you details to book a taster session. 

You may book more than one ticket for a session, say, for your family members. You can do the booking on behalf of anyone else as well, but you will need to enter the attendee's email ID while completing the booking.


If you need any more clarifications, feel free to use the Let's Chat window at the bottom right of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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